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Founded in 2020, SmartReader is an smartreader based company with a mission to make data and document handling easier. Our technology is built on accurate deep-learning models that utilize computer vision and NLP to extract data from documents, closely mimicking how humans read. We can extract multi language data from any type of document in English, Spanish, French ,Korean, Arabic, Japanese and many more languages to cater to customer needs.

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Our Skills

SmartReader can help students and users to automatically search and convert your math, science, STEM content into your assignments, or searching or reports. SmartReader converts images and PDFs into LaTex, Word, Excel, Markdown, HTML, ChemDraw, Unicode and other formats. SmartReader also read and understand drawings & diagrams and can recreate or find similar pictures / diagrams. SmartReader is an extremely high accuracy smartreader Engine. It is an advanced OCR engine for STEM and Txt that automatic and intelligently converts documents and images using latest deep learning smartreader technology. Our advanced OCR engine also supports multiple international languages.

Our Story

SmartReader is a new state-of-the-art deep learning smartreader technology solving unique & complex problems.
Our team has been using machine learning, computer vision, image analytics and neural networks for over 20 years. During the last 5 years, our R&D team has been building advanced smartreader technologies to solve imaging, video and diagram understanding & interpretation technologies. We have released our first version of that is already showing better accuracy than other solutions. And our solution is faster and more affordable. And we are just getting started…